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Social Accounting for Volunteer Contributions

What is Volunteers Count?

Volunteers Count is a program that helps an organization track its volunteer contributions and estimate their value. It then generates reports that can be used internally by the organization to understand aspects of volunteer management, or externally to report to funders, donors and members, as the organization sees fit.

Volunteers Count is web-based and comes with program and technical supports. The software estimates a comparable market value for volunteer contributions and generates social accounting reports including volunteer contributions as a percentage of the overall human resources of an organization and the value of volunteer contributions as a percentage of the overall monetary resources of the organization. The final report, the Expanded Value Added Statement, shows how volunteer contributions add value to the organization and to other stakeholders including the community.

Volunteers Count can also be used for volunteer management functions and for organizational planning, for example, managing volunteer databases and creating the best match between volunteer skills and organizational needs.

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